what we do

Our misson is simple

Support, Create, Share

We are dedicated to the performers and fans of the industry we love. We work closely with your favourite performers, producers, creative team members and more to create content and experiences that you can't find anywhere else on the internet. But more than that we understand how much your favourite shows and performers mean to you as fans so we want to share these expereinces with as many of you as possible.


The exclusive TFTV channel is going to be bringing you some one of a kind content right from the streets. 

We will be diving into history, breaking all the news and just having some fun with some amazing people in the industry.


The workshops are brought to you by Theatre Fan Workshops and give you access to learning material from your favourite shows!

What's even better? Your favourite performers will be teaching you that material!


The concerts are also brought to you by Theatre Fan Workshops and allow you to see you favourite performers sing their favourite hits!

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PR & Advertising

Interested in working with us? Want us to promote your brand or show? We want to hear from you!

We are interested in working with theatre adjacent brands and labels to help get your product out to the world! 

Who We Are


We are fans just like you! We love the industry and we want to share as much as possible with you. We have experience on stage and off, and we have been producing theatre content for over two years!

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